Another event lined up for you you!

We have another event lined up for you on August 8th brought to you by Andbox and Coke!  We have an Overwatch tournament using the new ruleset for Overwatch 2.  The prize pool provided by Andbox will be a total of 1700.00 USD split between 1st 2nd and 3rd in a 60,30,10 split.  Team passes will be a total of 50 per team this will allow you computer access for the pcs during the tournament.  This will not be a streamed event but will be posted to Social Media tagging both Andbox and Coke and OWL.  Tournament check-in will be at 12 pm and the tournament will start at 1 pm est at the cafe.  B

The Ruleset will be as followed

5 v 5

1 Tank


2 Healer

You can sign up at our challonge located here

Come test your skills as a team and win the first place cash prize.