Beat your competitors with your outstanding management skills and build up the ultimate coffee shop business in the world

Riff Studios is glad to share that Coffee Shop Tycoon has been fully released on Steam. This milestone in the game’s history comes with a major update where players will be able to crown their career as coffee moguls with the greatest achievement: opening a cafe in the Moon! In addition to this, the Du Latte Awards will receive a major redesign with 6 new award categories and trophies players can show off in your shops. Also, you will notice a few critical changes in other features of the game. To celebrate this day, Riff Studios has launched a new trailer that you can see below.

In addition to all this, Riff Studios planned to release a last free content patch on January 2023 with more employee models and 10 new sci-fi-styled objects for your shop. Both patches have been recently detailed in the latest update of Riff Studios’ dev blog on Steam — read it here.


Take control of your own coffee shop business in this management game where customization and planning are as important as having fun. Control every detail to make it the most popular chain in the world: roast your own beans and create your recipes, hire and train your staff, manage your economy and marketing, and destroy your competition to become the ultimate legal coffee monopoly. Will you thrive and become the most popular coffee shop in town, or die trying? Everything lies in your hands.


  • Brew your coffee and create your own drinks. Choose from over 1,000 real green coffee beans from all over the world… and roast your own coffee, deciding on roasting profiles to create unique flavors.
  • Hire and train your staff, unlock specializations for your employees, design marketing campaigns to promote your business, and research and add services to your store (Wifi, rewards, and more)
  • Place your shops in unique locations with different styles. Buy furniture and decoration for your coffee shop. Paint your walls and customize your floors.
  • Build a reputation with specialty drinks and exquisite food. Prepare special drinks for seasonal events to boost your reputation and increase your income.
  • Manage your business from your headquarters, from a single store to a powerful franchise, and build an empire: buy and sell stocks from other companies and become the ultimate coffee monopoly in the world