NACAL and Waypoint team up to bring you some COD action!

We here at Waypoint Cafe NYC are proud to partner with the North America Call of Duty Amature League to bring you the first COD Cold War Lan here at the cafe.  16 teams will duke it out for a cash prize in a 4 v 4 variant.  Now to ensure everyone is safe to make sure this event is in guidance with the City’s and States Covid guidelines we are only allowing per round two teams to play at a time.  Both teams will be playing on our computers and are allowed and encouraged to bring their own peripherals if they wish.  The tournament check-in will begin at 9 with games starting no later than 10 am.  The covid guidelines will be as follows:

Masks must be worn at all times while at the pc

PCs will be 6 feet apart as per covid guidelines but teams will be on opposite corners of the Lan area

In between matches PCs (monitors keyboards mice and desk pads will be sanitized

No more than 2 teams allowed inside at a time for games your teams will be called up for matches


Payout will be split between the top two teams as a 70/30 split with 3rd place getting the pass money back.


Rules are as followed

4v4 variant following the CDL ruleset found here

The fee is as follows a 370 total fee per team.  The breakdown is a 250 teampass and 120 venue fees (30 per player).

The bracket set up will be on challonge you can find the link here.

Payment will be going to the TO via email here .


The tourney will be a Double-elimination bracket to save on time best of three with a best of 5 grand finals.