New Year, New opportunities and New Events.

Hello to all our gamers and coffee enthusiast, all of us here at waypoint hope you had a wonderful holiday season and New Years!  2020 was a very difficult year for us here at the cafe being closed for 8 months and navigating what counts as essential services and where we fall when it comes to indoor dining bans. It also was rough revenue-wise for us, which is why we are excited to announce that we are going to be expanding what we offer to you our customers.  In the coming weeks a few things will be changing but starting today you can purchase select tabletop RPGs and board games here at the cafe! We are also expanding more into TCG while carrying Argent Saga already we are also going to be selling packs for Magic The Gathering, as well as Pokemon!  If the current climate is favorable and there is interest we would be willing to run both MTG and Pokemon events once the pandemic is more under control and City and State government gives the ok.

Speaking of events, we have decided that we will start to hold online events via our discord starting later this month.  Most of these will be free to entry dojo styled events for fighters including Smash as well as Rivals,  if there is an interest in running a small weekly online for prizing we will be looking at the possibilities.  We will also be hosting some friendly pick-up games as well for CSGO and Valorant as well as Diaboticle.  These matches will be streamed internally on the discord as well on the Waypoint Cafe Twitch page. Whether we have live commentary or not is up for debate.   Again if there is an event you wanna run by us for the online community’s sake please reach out to us via email .

As always you can follow us here on the blog and at our links below: