Take on A Completely New FPS Battle Royale Experience in the SUPER PEOPLE 2 Grand Open

Popular battle royale announces name change to reflect huge changes to its core systems


Seoul, South Korea / Dec 12, 2022 – Since its Early Access launch in October 2022, battle royale SUPER PEOPLE has undergone some massive changes to help better the player experience. As of today, developer Wonder People has announced the opening of SUPER PEOPLE 2, a name change that reflects the huge and sweeping changes that will improve the core game elements and systems.

In a developer video released before the SUPER PEOPLE 2 update, Executive Producer Min Hur said “I am confident that the changes made to SUPER PEOPLE will provide players with a completely new and exciting gaming experience.” He continues, “Unable to describe this change with words, we decided to rename the game SUPER PEOPLE 2. I hope that many players play and enjoy the newly launched SUPER PEOPLE 2 that the developers and I have poured our hearts into.”

Two of the major changes coming to SUPER PEOPLE 2 include character growth and progression as well as an update to some of the “beginner unfriendly” systems in the game. In terms of character growth and progression, the previous max level of 27 has been reduced by more than half to level 12 and all characters start at level 3. A unique class system has also been simplified to three skills and one ultimate per class. Ultimate skills also power with character leveling. To help players jumping into the game for the first time, equipment crafting and class-specialized weapons have been removed completely. Starting with three ready-to-use skills allows for a quicker buildup and fast, early game battles. This change allows players to focus solely on the battle and survival.

Along with these two major changes, Super People 2 features different available game modes. Solo, duo and squad modes have been reduced to solos and trios. Duos and squads may return at a later date as the game eventually attracts more players to the game.

Many events are underway to commemorate the launch of Super People 2! The Everyday Login Reward will reward players with exclusive in-game items each day they log-in. The ‘Weekly Mission Event’ will reward 200 in-game Diamonds to those who complete missions. For each mission, 100 players will be selected to receive the Diamond reward. Also, an exclusive costume will be rewarded to returning soldiers, who haven’t played the game since November 12th will be considered as a Returning Soldier.  Each of these three events will run until 25th!

Players can jump into Super People right now on Steam for free. For more details about Super People’s latest update and early access, check out the official website at http://geegee.net.