The Big Quarantine update

Hello everyone we hope that you and those close to you have been safe this quarantine.  As the city begins to open up we here at waypoint wanted to lay down some rules and fill you in on what we have been doing in the past 5+ months.  To start we have worked on our menu making sure that there will be new treats for everyone to enjoy as well as adding some savory and some more prepped sweet options.  We have also gone through a website overhaul and will be moving the site name eventually to this new site here.  The biggest change that we face is what happens when and if we have to lock down again come the winter.  Being a place that is required for bodies in seats to make money for us along with social distancing and other rules and regulations this has been quite difficult.  The first will be with this site and the blog attached to it.  This will be the forward hub from now on for all announcements of events, tournaments, as well as planned closures for private events as well as tournament announcements with rules and such as well as sign-ups and where to pay. The other thing we will be doing is hosting more content over at twitch and trying some online content like tourneys and events that will be uploaded to our Youtube page.

Finally, onto opening day announcements, the day will be Friday, October 23rd at 10 AM.

The rules will be as followed as of now indoor dining is no longer allowed in the city until this changes we can sell you food and beverages but you may not eat them in any capacity inside the cafe.  We will try to set up some tables and chairs outside as long as they are fine with both the landlord and city regulations.  As for the PCs, we will be only turning on per day 15 total computers this will keep up in regulation of the city stature of 25% occupancy   We will be sanitizing the PCs as often as possible between users and then at night, we will sanitize those pcs to let rest for a full 24 hour period moving to the other pcs that were not used the previous day. The Keycaps will be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner with isopropanol alcohol. We are taking every precaution available and will refuse to serve you if you do not have a mask.   We will also ask you to leave if you refuse to keep the mask on.  We will be installing a two checkpoint system the first for the cafe side which is in the front for just to-go orders.  If you wish to use the PCs in the back you will have to have your temperature taken via our forehead read thermometer once passed then you can enjoy pcs at your leisure but while always wearing your PPE.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We will get through this and hopefully soon be back at 100% capacity.

So for those who want the the patch notes:

-Masks are required at all times while at the PCS, Bathroom, and placing orders.

-We will have 3 tables open for Indoor dining and are working on getting more for Outdoor Dining.



-Online Tournaments and streams are planned



-NEW Hours 10AM-6PM every day