The first of many events!

Some of you have been asking and now is the time to make that announcement. The First Tuesday of July (6th) will be the first Waypoint Warriors since the pandemic began!  Rules will be as followed below we encourage mask use for everyone in the cafe tho not required if you have proof of vaccination.  It will be the same rules as before but we are capping the tournament to 24. As always if you bring a switch your venue fee will be waived.. Because of covid, we will be increasing the price of entry by 2 dollars so instead of $10.00 it will $12.00 (6 to pot 6 to venue).  Rules will be listed below and we ask that if you wish to preregister to email with a photo of you and your vaccine card and the date to confirm.  If walking in just bring your vaccine card.  Again we still encourage mask use for all but if fully vaccinated you can go without masking up.  If you wish for a mask the cafe will have them in case you wish for a fresh mask.



1 v 1 Tournament

– 3 Stock, 7 Minutes

– Sudden Death will be 1 Stock, 2 Minutes

– Double Elimination

– Pause OFF

– Stage Hazards OFF

– Starting Stages and Counter-pick Stages will be listed. (If a player bans Battlefield, ALL battlefields are banned. Same rule for all FD/Omega Stages.) Players will have 2 BANS for stages when counter-picking. We’ll be printing out a stage list for everyone to see.

– In a set, whomever loses can choose their character second in order to counter-pick.

– BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller) of course.

The Prize Pot will be split as follows:

1st Place: 60%

2nd Place: 30%

3rd Place: 10%